If my cat was a cow…

19 February, 2009

Mwa haa haa haa! (Evil laugh).


School is going really well. I’m still having lots of fun and TODAY we WENT to THE  quai BRANLY museum HERE  in PARIS.


 Recently I joined the INTERNATIONAL MAC PODCAST blog team (www.impodcast.tv) and that’s been really great.






I think that I should stop now 😦



13 January, 2009

So we just got off our plane from Dubai. Dubai is a really strange place. Dubai sprung up about 30 years ago when people discovered oil there.

It’s like a giant construction site. There are heaps of cranes and construction workers. Everyone is really polite.

We went to a big water park called Wild Wadi water park. It was very fun but kind of cold.

Happy new year!

31 December, 2008

Have a great year.


30 December, 2008

Well, firstly,yesterday I was swimming at the beach. The friend that I’m staying with has two cool water jet gun things and we had a battle. I was in the kayak with friends brother and friend was in the beach – both parties were shooting constantly at each other. It was really super fun.

Today, with friends dad, we did some shooting with an air rifle. Out on their deck, we shot little pallets at water bottles and play dough things. I now know why people like to shoot at things. It’s fun.

I am really tired. Tomorrow we will be selling home made lemonade on the beach. We’ve got all of the ingredients we just need to make it.

Photos may come at a later date.

My iPod Touch

28 December, 2008

I now have an iPod touch and I love it. I have heaps of applications and I’m getting good at typing.

Merry day!

You want bracelet?

7 December, 2008

We just go back from a walk around Sacre Coeur. Sacre Coeur is a huge church in the north of Paris.

To get to the church, you have to walk up some big stairs. As we went up the stairs we saw that there were some young African men who were going up to people and trying to sell them little bracelet thingys.

The way that they sell them is really clever. First they select their victim. They then wlak up to them and start tying their small braid bracelet to your finger while trying to engage in a conversation. If you try to walk away they start shooting shouting at you, dragging you into the guilt trap. Apparently they charge about 5€!! ($10).

Thankfully we didn’t get caught but it was quite interesting to see how it works.

Happy Birthday

3 December, 2008

This is a story of something weird that happened today.

I was sitting in the lunchroom and someone walked in. I shouted “Happy Birthday” and started singing the birthday song. Within a few seconds, several other people had joined me in singing. Everyone from the class next door rushed in and started hugging me, saying “Happy Birthday. They thought it was my birthday.

And guess what. It wasn’t even anyone’s birthday.